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AG Planet


What is the AG VSHOP ?

It is a AGAMES ‘s “virtual shop” located online, open 24 hours.

What are Unique in AG VSHOP ?

Have Cartoon & full graphic interactive interface & new ideas.

What I can PUT in my Vshop ?

Your business ID, Profile, Products & Services, your Contact phone, web, email & your real address.

What NOT Allowed to put in my Vshop ?

Any thing not illegal, any bad or adult sex related, any harmful or offending material to others, any fake or criminal related, any haraam, any thing that Agames believe it is not suitable.  

What Upgrade I can do to my Vshop ? (AG Vshop Owner)

There are many upgrade options to select, please go to “Upgrade”, and you can select the code of the upgrade you like, then send the code to our email, if it not free please send your payment to our bank account, then send us the transaction “photo copy” attached in your email. Then AGames will process your upgrade .

How to get benfit of AG Vshop ?

By give your AGVshop link to your customer, spread your vshop link then many customer can see your business, and increase sale.

How to Buy a AG Vshop ?

You can read in “Buy” section more info.
1) you need to select the wanted Vshop type, and send the cost payment to Agames Bank Account. 2) you have to send the vshop Code by email, and write in your email: your Vshop info. also attach all your vshop photos or attach link to it, attach the bank payment transaction

How to Put Products in my AG Vshop ? (AG Vshop Owner)

You can send to AGVSCenter the products pictures by email, or the link to it, and the info for each picture, and must not exceed your Vshop Size limit – the vshop update can be done 1 time / month Free (4 Pictures), to update more products, or to add more size then you need to buy a (AG Product Storage) to use for your products.

How To get started ? (AG Vshop Owner)

Send to us your business info, in the page “start”

How I can CHANGE my AG Vshop Type ? (AG Vshop Owner)

1) Select the type you like, 2) send the cost money to our bank account, 3) send email to us and write on it the change code, and attach bank transaction no., 4) waite for process 1 – 3 days