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Order Virtual SHOP !

TO ORDER SEND EMAIL TO US , we shall flow this steps :

Phase A [Write Project Request and send by email] :
1) ORDER (CODE)* : project type you want / similar to it

2) Details of the project (purpose, targets, budget)

3) Your Company, your business, Address, Mobile & Email

After that, We will  replay to your email (in 1-3 days), and we will send to you :

TOTAL COST (RANGE)+ Work  plan (overview)

Phase B [Write Project discussion & send/call us] :

1) You can CALL / Email and ask us 24 Hours any questions.

2) After your agree we need to confirm with you to the work plan by sending an EMAIL writing a short confirm message.

THEN WE WILL REQUEST YOUR PAYMENT (START/ FULL Payment depend on the project). after AGAMES confirm your Money has been sent to our account, (please send SMS /EMAIL to inform us about money transfer you have made) then we start next phase.

* Order CODE found with our projects samples (if you know! But if you don’t know it’s ok!)

Phase C [we start working in your project with you] :

We will send to you in the time we work in the project some of the flowing to inform/confirm our progress and if you agree just no need to do anything!, but IF NOT agree you have to call us immediately to make change before we start designing it: SKETCHES , SNAPSHOTS , BETA / DEMO / PROTO TYPES.

Phase D [we finalize working in your project with you] :

After we finish the work and we reach completing it,We will send you a request to PAY the FINAL MONEY AMOUNT (if the payment : part pay plan), or if any additional cost applied not paid by you yet. ***

After we confirm Payment in our Account, we send to you the DOWNLOAD LINK to your  project FINAL VERSION  to download by yourself.

Phase E [modification / bug fix request] :

You may test your project for bugs, and we can fix it free in the testing period ( 2 weeks testing  after sending final version). We may apply additional charge, & depend in the agreed work contract (SHORT / MULTI Update).

You may request AGAMES to Modify your project, and change on it by send Email with all the details, we will replay to you with the cost & modification plan (same process start phase A)

***Please note : late pay may delay ,  add extra charges, or cancel the project without re found.

** Speak THE Language ! (Some guide

SKETCHES : simple hand draw, to plan the design & work.

SNAPSHOTS : screen capture / camera shot / digital shot of the work in progress.

BETA / DEMO / PROTO TYPES : simple design, un fully function for feeling & experience the work, or sample similar to the targeted work. Or a short version of the work, OR a show to it in motion/shots.. And be interactive!
FINAL VERSION : a fully functional work, with all the features / or specific features.